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Passion for spice cake since more than 150 years

With a tradition of more than 150 years, Vondelmolen combines a “traditional” spice cake bakery with the philosophy of a modern family business. At the historic location near the Vondelbrook we bake the most delicious spice cake for you every day. And we have a good reason for doing this: Vondelmolen wants everyone to enjoy our wonderful source of energy and at the same time we ensure that we produce as sustainable as possible. That is why we permanently innovate in sustainability. Because it’s good for people and the environment and it ensures that we can make the tastiest spice cake for you in the best conditions.

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Vondelmolen: our company

Our family business has a particularly rich history. In 150 years, we have grown to be what we are today: the largest spice cake bakery in Belgium and the only one having a recognition as a Belgian regional product. What started as an oil and grain mill at the borders of the Vondelbrook, the location where you can still find us today, grew into a modern enterprise that is able to bake spice cake on a larger scale, without affecting the tradition, taste and quality of our natural products.

We were able to realize that evolution by constantly looking for more innovative and sustainable production processes. In this way Vondelmolen preserves the characteristics of a traditional Flemish family business which we combine with the values ​​of a contemporary organization, where we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. A credit for which we have won several prizes!

The quality of our spice cake

Vondelmolen only wants to offer spice cake of the highest quality. Of course, this is only possible by setting very strict standards for the raw materials that we purchase. They are thoroughly checked for quality and origin. For example, we will not allow any genetically modified raw materials into the production process. Our lab constantly tests the ingredients for quality and investigates innovative techniques to make our spice cake even better.

For every Vondelmolen product, we know exactly where the spice cake is in the production process and we can even trace the source of each raw material. So we are able to adjust very quickly if an unexpected error occurs during production.

Our company is ACS and IFS (higher level) certified. That means we meet the highest international standards to make our spice cake safe and qualitative. On top of this, Vondelmolen has been a certified producer of organic spice cake for over 25 years.. We are the leading producer of organic spice cake in the world.
At Vondelmolen, we are committed every day to making the perfect spice cake for you. We are very proud that today, we can still work with a product that has such a long history.


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