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Our Vondelmolen soft gingerbread is a natural product with rye flour, liquid sugar or honey, gingerbread (side cake) and spices as basic ingredients. Indeed, you need gingerbread to make gingerbread! You may already know our classic gingerbread, but did you also know that Vondelmolen makes other variations of this delicacy?

For instance we have a variety that’s 100% organic, but we also make an artisanal soft gingerbread with extra honey. Or how about a soft gingerbread only sweetened with fructose?

We even have varieties with a fruit mix or with cranberries. And then there is Couque Dinant with extra honey and milk, a real delicacy.

But there is more. You will find all the information on the different varieties of Vondelmolen soft gingerbread on these product pages. Time to start exploring!

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