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Spice cake car

Super cool to craft with your kids, and a delicious treat for the little (and not so little) ones with a sweet tooth.

Thanks to De Kleine Chef for the idea.

peperkoeken autootje


  • 5 slices of spice cake
  • 1 chocolate thin
  • 4 roulette gummies
  • 2 long sour streamers (or several short ones)
  • 2 round marshmallows
  • 2 rolls of liquorice
  • 2 balla stix
  • decoration chocolate
  • sugar-icing (which you can also make yourself with icing sugar and water)

Step 1

Prepare all your ingredients

Step 2

Put the 5 slices of spice cake on top of each other
Cut the top 2 slices diagonally on both sides.

Step 3

Cut ‘wheels’ out of the marshmallows.

Cut the liquorice to size and stick them around the wheels.

Stick the tires to the car using the sugar-icing.

Step 4

Cut the sour streamers to size.

Decorate them with the liquid chocolate as a wind shield.

Stick the sour streamers to the car, using the sugar-icing.

Step 5

Use the chocolat thin to make the roof and the radiator.

Stick these to the car as well.

Step 6

Finally, use the roulette gummies and the bella stix as the car’s lights.

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