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Spice cake flower pots

Add a little spring to your home with these upbeat spice cake flower pots!

What do you need?

  • a flower-shaped cutter
  • a few small flower pots
  • 150 g of spice cake with fruitfor the flowers
  • Regular spice cake to crumble, toasted
  • toothpicks

You can find this, and many other recipes and fun facts in the book ‘150 different takes on soft gingerbread’.

Step 1

Grill the spice cake in the oven, crumble it by hand and fill the flower pots with it.

Step 2

Cut flowers out of the spice cake with fruit.

Step 3

Stick them onto toothpicks.

Step 4

Plant them in the flower pots.

Find your own favourite, but

we advise these spice cakes for this recipe

Peperkoek met fruit 350g
350 g

Spice cake with fruit

A delicious alternative with fruit to our traditional spice cake.

Peperkoek met cranberries 6x40g
6 x 40 g

Spice cake with cranberries

A tasty spice cake with nutritious cranberries.

Peperkoek 500g
500 g

Spice cake

Our classic spice cake for the breakfast table, of when you need some energy in between meals.