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“Get the best out of yourself with the best of nature”

Get the most out of yourself

Vondelmolen spice cake is not only tasty, it is also a natural source of energy. With fast and slow sugars and hardly any fat. Ideal for those times when you need an extra boost. Early in the morning, for example, during the school break, before that long meeting, as a quick snack on the go or when doing sports. This is what we call the delicious power of nature.

Proud of all our spice cake flavours

Thanks to our special spice mix, traditional preparation method and carefully preserved family recipe, Vondelmolen spice cake has tasted the same for over 150 years.

We now have a variety of flavours in our range, from the classic to artisanal spice cake with ginger. Discover them all!

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Passion for spice cake since 1867

Our family business has a exceptionally rich history. Over more than 150 years, we have grown into the largest spice cake bakery in Belgium and the only one recognised as a Belgian regional product. Our story began in 1867, with the oil and grain mill on the Vondelbeek stream…


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Together for a better world

As the producer of the most delicious gingerbread, we are always concerned about the impact our company has on our environment. Since the very beginning, we have constantly endeavoured to produce in as sustainable a manner as possible. With concern for people and the environment. We make gingerbread under the best possible conditions.

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We all want to stay healthy

Peperkoek met geitenkaas en mango

You’ll undoubtedly love this: our spice cake is low on fatty acids and due to our use of rye it’s filled with nutrient fibres. Rye has a positive effect on your blood sugar and intestinal flora. It improves digestion, is effective against constipation and provides a saturated feeling more than any other grains.

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