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Spice cake steam train

All aboard the spice cake train !

Get your tickets for a culinary journey … kids style.

peperkoeken stoomtrein


  • 10 slices of spice cake
  • 8 UFO candy
  • 1 long sour streamer
  • 1 tall candy for the chimney
  • your favourite candy for the load
  • Sugar-icing (which you can also make yourself with icing sugar and water)

Step 1

Prepare all your ingredients.

Step 2

Put 4 slices of spice cake against each other, and cut them into the shape of a locomotive.

Step 3

Glue 4 UFO candy to the sides using the sugar-icing.

Step 4

Create a train wagon with 3 slices of spice cake.

Make sure they are the same width as the locomotive, and glue 4 UFO candy to it as well

Off course you can make as many wagons as you want.

Step 5

Cut the remaining spice cake into strips and use them to make the rails.

Make sure they are exactly wide enough, so the wheels fit on them.

Put the train on the rails and of we … eat !

Find your own favourite, but

we adviese these spice cakes for this recipe

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