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Passion for spice cake since more than 150 years.

At Vondelmolen we believe sustainability is very important. This is not just about nature, but mainly about people: how do we ensure that we can all live long and healthy lives? A balanced diet is very important in this matter.

We are happy to give you three key elements:

> Vary: don’t eat today what you ate yesterday, and don’t eat at lunch what you ate this morning.

> Adjust your calorie intake to your needs: not everyone needs the same amount of calories.
If you exercise a lot, or do heavy physical work, you need a lot more calories then when you are behind your computer all day and night.

> Do not exaggerate: It is never a good idea to eat too much of a single food. That counts for all foods. For example, if you eat a kilo of apples at once, you get huge stomach ache, and too much water in a short period of time is also very unhealthy. However both apples and water are very healthy.

How does spice cake fit into a balanced diet? We are happy to tell you more about it.


Spice cake contains fast and slow sugars

Yes, spice cake contains sugar. Sugar is a much-needed fuel for our body and brain, and is absorbed by the body relatively quickly. That means that you better eat spice cake when you will use that fuel. For example at breakfast, as a snack in the morning or in the afternoon, before or during exercise, …

The fast sugars give you immediate energy, while the slow sugars give their energy over a longer period of time.


Spice cake is a source of fiber

Fibers are important for your health. They contribute to good digestion and a full feeling after eating and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. It is recommended to eat around 30 to 40 grams of dietary fiber per day. Because there are many different types of fiber, each with their own good qualities, it is important to eat fiber from different types of food.

Source (in Dutch): https://www.voedingscentrum.nl/encyclopedie/vezels.aspx


 Spice cake is a natural product

Vondelmolen spice cake is a natural product that consists of rye flour, liquid sugar and/or honey and herbs. Moreover, all our spice cake is vegetarian.


Our spice cake only contains rye

We use only rye flour for our spice cake, and no wheat or other cereals.

Many positive qualities are attributed to rye. For example, rye is good for blood sugar levels and for the intestines. It facilitates digestion and prevents constipation. Finally, rye gives a more saturated feeling than most other grains.

source (in Dutch): mens-en-Gezondheid.infonu.nl


Vondelmolen spice cake is low in fat and cholesterol

We do not add any fat or eggs to our spice cake. The little (vegetable) fat comes from the rye flour and the greasing of the baking trays. Because of this our spice cake is low in fat and hardly contains any cholesterol.

To conclude

You only eat in a healthy way when you compose your meals in a balanced and varied way. Our spice cake contains fibers and fast and slow sugars. Certainly for those who exercise enough or need some extra energy, Vondelmolen spice cake fits into a balanced diet. It is an honest and natural product. Our spice cake is a source of positive energy.

But beware: spice cake does contain some sugar. And even though it has a natural origin, for example from honey, it is best not to eat too much of it. Certainly in periods of rest and at times when there is no extra energy requirement.

Fat is also a source of energy. Yet it takes much longer for the body to convert fat into energy. Whoever goes to work or needs energy to study can benefit more from eating a slice of spice cake!

For those who follow a balanced diet, spice cake is a nice addition when the energy requirement is high. Low in fat, no cholesterol and a combination of fast and slow sugars. Athletes already know the benefits of Vondelmolen soft cake since a long time.

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